Definition – a broad but simple statement that expresses the organization’s defined vision.

Our Mission is to support foster and adoptive parents in Gwinnett County.


Definition – a specific result that an organization aims to attain or accomplish within a timeframe and with available resources.

 ♥ Provide a network of resources for adoptive and foster parents

♥ Conduct continuing education training for adoptive and foster parents and children

♥ Support children through specific events designed to promote acceptance and quality of life

♥ Offer support and information about child quality of life issues that impact adoptive and foster families and children

♥ Advocate wherever and whenever possible for adoptive and foster care issues

♥   Develop a collaboration with Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS)

♥ Find solutions to the many challenges and problems that face adoptive and foster parents as they care for Gwinnett County’s abused and neglected children

 ♥ Promote community awareness of the issues and needs impacting foster and adoptive care

 ♥ Develop working relationships with organizations that support adoptive and foster families

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