Now Accepting 2020 Membership Dues

We would love for you to join our group. You will enjoy all the benefits of membership such as access to special family events, parent nights out, continuing education training, emotional support, advice, and encouragement from parent peers. 


Membership is $30 a year per family and valid from January 1-December 31, 2020.

Please bring to the next meeting or event.

By Mail:

Send us the following information along with a check payable to GAFPA. 


  1. Names of Foster/Adoptive Parents  
  2. Names of Current Foster/Adopted Children 
  3. Mailing Address 
  4. Contact Phone Number 
  5. Contact Email Address 
  6. Role: Adoptive Parent, Foster  Parent
  7. How long have you been Fostering and adopting?

Would  you be interested in serving on a committee? Yes ____  No ____ 

Amount Enclosed: $_________